GREETINGS in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...

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I speak unto you with great joy and trembling, for a new MUSIC software has been developed...


+ It is a "DOS-style" tracker where you can only type in sine waves for the notes.
+ You can type any note in Hertz as your notes! (hit enter on a cell to type in a value, then when you are done, hit enter again)
+ Negative values function as "note cuts" (or "volume cuts" if in the volume column)
+ UNLIMITED volume control (warning, do not let the sum total of volumes currently playing go above "1" at any time)
+ You can type in ratios (X/Y) and cents (Xc, -Xc) to modify any pitch you have entered (or the last pitch you entered for a new note, shown as the "Fundamental" on the footbar)
+ There are speed columns on the leftmost column (sX), as well as "jump to row" columns (jX). Typing in a negative number will end the song.
+ You can EXPORT the songs as a wave file, as well as load AND save songs.
+ Dragging almost works. (We have the most advanced "select cells" features known to man)

Minor Features

+ "Tab" toggles follow mode
+ CTRL+=/- shifts a selected cell by 1 cent (you can hold this down)
+ CTRL+INSERT adds a row at the cursor, CTRL+DELETE deletes a row at the cursor (you can hold this down too)
+ Exiting a text entry with SHIFT+ENTER will affect only full cells (useful for transposing!)
+ Exiting a text entry with CTRL+ENTER will affect only empty cells (good for mix pasting)
+ F5 for play from cursor, F6 for play from top. F7 plays (vertical) selection
+ ALT+ENTER will also play the song from cursor. (accessibility feature)
+ Space bar will "manually capture" a cell frequency, so that notes you type in ratios or in cents in blank cells will be from that note instead.
+ There is no undo or redo feature yet, this will be coming soon! There are backups tho

Features Soon..?!

+ Ability to play any polyrhythm
+ Unlimited operator FM synthesiser
+ Effect columns
+ Custom note visualiser
+ Screen where you can watch the planets rotate in real time updated from satellite date (accesssible from cheat code)
+ How To Pray The Rosary guide

Other Things

We have a "support discord server", but there is a very convoluted process to join. You MUST email "" for further instructions as for how to join the support discord server. If you do not follow the rules for how to get into the support discord server PERFECTLY, you may end up in a mysterious accident........ wahahahahahaha (not really)

Okay, that is all! Have a wonderful day!!!

- klangfreudians society